Something About Us

Our Vision and Mission

Rimia is a group of passionate young people interested in entrepreneurship and innovation who, by participating in workshops and training courses and holding small and large events, teach and learn, network and make the ocean of entrepreneurial enthusiasts bigger and deeper


Creative minds and adventurous and talented people are always looking for innovation and solving challenges. Large companies, on the other hand, have thousands of unresolved challenges and opportunities for innovation. The market is also full of problems and opportunities. But this is a gap … we are trying to close this gapWe eliminate the gap between creative minds and talented people by doing business and creating value. It does this by identifying bold, creative, and adventurous individuals and enhancing their capabilities, connecting with large corporations and accelerators to identify challenges and opportunities, holding various innovation and entrepreneurship events, and connecting innovative teams and customers or their strategic partners and coming up with ideas.

Our Clients